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New Product & Tech Development

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New Product & Tech Development

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Designing innovation takes time and requires focused effort to take a product or service from idea to market. This process aims to answer two overarching questions: How can we enable an innovation process and environment that is conducive to successful product design?

What is a new product development process?

The new product development process aims to not only create something new but, above all, to maximize its value and mitigate the risks of failure that can be caused by:

- poor quality,

- noncompetitive pricing,

- small target market,

- poor product/market fit,

- premature or delayed market entry, and/or

- weak promotional support and low brand awareness.

This is for you if:

- You are an aspiring product manager

- You don't know how or where to start

- You've started working on the product role but still feel lost

- You're none of the above but you know someone who is. Gift them!

📖 Contents :

  • What is a new product development process?
  • The new product development process
  • Product & Tech Development Process
  • Lean startup solution
  • A process that never ends


  • Do I have lifetime access?
Yes, once you purchase it, you have lifetime access to it and all the updates later.
  • Can I share it with someone?
No, this is for personal use. If you feel someone else can benefit from this, direct them to this page or buy them a copy.
  • I can't afford it, is there a discount?
If you cannot afford it some reason, reach out to me on and we will work something out.


While this playbook is an effort to help you get started, there is no success formula inside. Unless you put in the reps, there will be no results.

Thank you for purchasing!

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